Why recruit @AIM?


Established in 1988 by the government of Assam to promote professional management in Northeast India , the Institute has been conducting Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management ( PGDBM) Programme since 1994, AIM is one of the oldest B-School in the North Eastern Region.

Student faculty Ratio

AIM is among the few B Schools of India, where every permanent faculty member is a PhD. AIM boasts of a permanent fulltime faculty strength of , with a high student faculty ratio. The pedagogy is determined by the faculty which is a mixture of case studies, lectures and role plays making learning interactive and intense .The faculty is also involved in various consultancy programmes and MDPs.

Student-Student Interaction

Every student in AIM is a part of AIM Students Community . A student community comprising of different panels that focus on distinct functional areas of interest. A meeting of minds, ideas and theories takes place in societies and teams, where presentations ignite minds, briefs become springboards for path breaking strategy and teams comes up with creative ideas. Active societies combined with an interactive and make it requisite for students to go through a healthy grind of relationships, forging strong student-student covalent bonds, there by polishing their attitudes and helping them work in teams.

Industry – Institute Interaction

Interactive sessions which promote dialogue between industry stalwarts and students are a part of AIM culture. In addition to constant Guest Lectures that impart industry knowledge to the students, the annual convention and other conclaves provide an interface between the stalwarts of the corporate world, the academicians and AIM students.

Illustrious Alumni

The last 25 years has seen AIMcreating managers, who have within themselves the mettle to take on the challenges of the future – people with the vision, knowledge and potential to thrive in a dynamic ever changing environment. With the ability and skill set required to drive key initiatives within organizations, they are men and women of leadership and integrity, who are bringing about a difference in business organizations, communities and institutions all over the globe. Assam Institute of Management is indeed proud of its Alumni.