Students’ Achievements

  • Tezpur University organized their Annual Fest, i.e. Techxetra, 2013 from 25th to 27th October, 2013. AIM students participated in various major events. Syed Mufti Alam Rahman and Ms. Alisha Chetia of AIM won the 1st Prize in the B-Plan event. Shri Gautamraj Kashyap and Syed Mufti Alam Rahman reached the final round of the Best Manager Event which comprises of 5 rounds. Out of 28 teams, the team of Ms. Minakshi Baruah and Syed Mufti Alam Rahman reached the final round of Case Study Event.
  • Ms. Rashmita Kashyap and Ms. Yesmin Nawaz have been awarded consolation prizes in Best Business Idea Contest on the topic “Exploring Youth Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Health Care and Associated Sectors in Assam” organized by CII and BYST on 29th October, 2013.
  • Shri Gautamraj Kashyap, Shri Kaustav Narayan Goswami and Shri Dhrubajit Das of 1st year PGDM won the 1st Prize in Case Study Competition in ‘Journel’, a management event organized by DBIM, Guwahati.
  • Shri Udit Narayan Sharma, Shri Kaustavanand Goswami and Shri Dhrubajit Das won the 2nd Prize in Social Media Plan in the same event.
  • The GCC Centre of Management Studies (GCMS), Gauhati Commerce College, had organized its Annual Management Fest, Quasofiesta on 19-02-2014. The fest included various management events like Best Manager, Business Quiz, Collage, Traditional Attire, Treasure Hunt, Mad Ad (Ad Making) etc. followed by cultural program. The primary aim of this fest was aimed at providing a platform for management students of various institutes including Assam Institute of Management (AIM) to showcase their managerial talent in these events.  Students of AIM participated in the above mentioned events. AIM, received the Best Institute Award in this fest. The following students of AIM were successful in winning the first prize in the events mentioned below.
EventName of the student(s)
Best ManagerGautamraj Kashyap
Mad Ad (Ad Making )Kaustav Narayan Goswami
Udit Narayan Sarmah
CollageMinakshi Baruah
CollageYasmin Nawaz