Procurement Observatory Assam

The World Bank has commissioned the Assam Institute of Management to provide consulting services in the area of ‘Public Procurement and Supply Management in the State of Assam’ . The project is initially for one year. The key experts for the project are Dr. N.N.Sarma and Dr. Mreeshi Agarwala

The Observatory at AIM, Guwahati revolves around the current Procurement procedure of the concerned departments of the Government of Assam. At the initial phase of the project the departments which are being surveyed are- Health , Education, PWD and Irrigation.

The institute is carrying out a review of existing Procurement practices by formally interacting with the concerned officials of the Departments. This will enable the research team to document the existing practices and also in finding out each selected department’s expenditure as a proportion of approved outlay, funds available and fund released. The shared data will be analyzed to discern trends and patterns.

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