The Institute

Established in 1988 by the Government of Assam to promote professional management in North East India, the Institute has been conducting  Management Programme since 1994 along with the conduct of the training programmes, research projects and consultancy assignments.

At the special request of the then Chief Minister of Assam, late Sri Hiteswar Saikia , the AICTE accorded approval to the Programme. Despite having infrastructural deficiencies, the AICTE had been according approval to the Programme mainly because of the rich academic content and faculty resource. With the shifting of the Institute to its permanent campus in January 2015, the Institute has been able to meet most of the infrastructural requirements.

The Management Programme has been structured on trimester pattern and was reviewed at the national level by CRISIL (a widely reputed international level rating agency). As suggested by the Governing Body of the Institute, the Management Programme structure was reviewed by two eminent Professors of IIM Calcutta in 2008. The Programme is regularly reviewed every year in the Academic Council Meetings.

AIM Genesis

The Assam Institute of Management was established in 1988 as an autonomous institute of Government of Assam. Prior to that, several diagnostic studies were conducted by the State Government, which identified management inefficiency and dearth of professionally trained management personnel as the main reason for the underperformance of the State Level Public Enterprises and various government sponsored projects. In that context, the Government of Assam promoted the Assam Institute of Management as an autonomous institute under the Public Enterprises Department. In 1997, the Government of Assam changed the Institute’s reporting department by a Cabinet Resolution under its Administrative Reforms Programme. Considering the contribution of the Institute in management education, the Government of Assam has restructured and broadened the Governing Body of the Institute and vide a circular in September, 2008, the Institute has been brought under the Directorate of Technical Education of Government of Assam.

AIM Vision

Management education, training and development have been regarded as one of the basic human development requirements in the development process of any region. It is believed that inadequate manpower development of the North East Region in the field of Management has been one of the causes of its relative underdevelopment. The Vision for AIM is to develop appropriate human capital infrastructure to meet the growing developmental needs of the strategically located and resource-rich North Eastern Region of India.

AIM Mission

The mission of the Assam Institute of Management is to become a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE by carrying out teaching, training, research, consultancy and networking in the field of Management as also in allied disciplines in the most effective manner.

AIM Objectives

The aim and objectives of the Assam Institute of Management, laid down to work towards this mission, are

  • To provide for and promote education and training in various fields of management and allied disciplines
  • To assist organizations in problem-solving and improving their functioning
  • To carry out conceptual and applied research in fields relevant to regional development; and
  • To interact with industries and institutions to further the management movement and thus facilitate regional development.

AIM accomplishments so far

A true Institute of management has to not only provide management education but also carry out research, undertake consultancy works and conduct management development and training programmes. AIM has excelled in all these areas. Since its inception, AIM has pioneered world-class management education and executive development programmes in North-East. The Institute has assisted many government and semi- government organisations through management consultancies and studies. The institute has conducted more than 300 Management Development Programmes with participants from State and Central Government Departments and Undertakings as well as private sector organizations. Through the flagship 2-year Management Programme, the institute has made significant contributions to the development of human infrastructure of the region. Today, AIM graduates are found in various parts of India as well as the Globe, working in organizations of repute. AIM faculty has also won national and international recognition in the field of research. With its multifarious activities, AIM has been able to carve a niche for itself in the national management scenario. However, there is a long way to go and AIM is fully aware of the challenges ahead.